Bio (En)

 Gems is an artist characterised by grace, creativity and professionalism. A true performer and a dynamic and experienced storyteller who connects with audiences young and old to astound and charm.


Previous Clients:
Squeeze 18 events
Oxford University
P&O Cruises
Winchester Hat Fair
Let’s Get Gold tv show
Dance South West
Performance Companies:
Musical « Luv Esther »
Body jack dance company
Jonathan Lunn « The Reading Room »
No fit state circus « Parklife »
Compagnie Tempo « Espace Cabaret »

From a theatrical family, Gemma’s love for performing was evident early on.  After a childhood dedicated to ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, her humanitarian sensibilities led her to the arts charity NGM. It was there that she expanded her repertoire and began exploring hip hop and break dance before auditioning for the pop opera « luv esther » with whom she toured the UK and abroad with the aim of raising money for various AIDS charities. Alongside this, she was heading up the schools programme, involving local school children in the project.

To improve her understanding of anatomy and pedogology, she went on to study Sports and Exercise Science at Bath University. Simultaneously, she was performing with various dance companies and continuing her professional development, whilst also working as a freelance dance artist on various projects.
After graduating in 2009, Gemma continued to work as a dance artist, both performing, teaching and working with regional dance agencies. Upon moving to France in 2011 to start a family she took a year out to focus on motherhood. Gemma is now embarking on a performing career in France, collaborating with musicians and other artists on some of her own work whilst also performing with various companies.


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